Heping Liu

Research Associate
Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Madison, WI 53706

Email: hliu235@wisc.edu


Ph.D. 2009 Industrial Engineering Auburn University

Research Interests

Statistical Modeling, Intelligence Optimization, Simulation, Operations Management, Time Series Forecasting, Risk Management, Quality Control of Nano-manufacturing, Modeling of Renewable Energy and Electricity Price, Healthcare Service Delivery

Selected Publications

Journal Publications:

  • Heping Liu,Saeed Maghsoodloo, “A novel optimization algorithm based on evolutionary algorithm and Taylor Kriging.” Applied Soft Computing 11 (4): 3451-3462, 2011.
  • Haluk Yapicioglu, Heping Liu, Alice E. Smith, Gerry Dozier, “Hybrid approach for Pareto front expansion in metaheuristics.” Journal of the Operational Research Society, 62(2), 348-359, 2011.
  • Heping Liu, Ergin Erdem, Jing Shi, “Comprehensive evaluation of ARIMA-GARCH(-M) approaches for modeling the mean and volatility of wind speed.” Applied Energy, 724-732, 2011.
  • Heping Liu, Yanli Chen, Fred Strickland, Ran Dai, Bing Qi, “System development and application for Taylor Kriging metamodeling.” Engineering Computations: International Journal for Computer-aided Engineering and Software, 28(3), 220-241, 2011.
  • Heping Liu, Soroor Al-Khafaji, Alice E. Smith, “Prediction of wireless network connectivity using a Taylor Kriging approach.” International Journal of Advanced Intelligence Paradigms, 3(2): 112-121, 2011.·   
  • Heping Liu, Yanli Chen, “Taylor Kriging for stochastic simulation interpolation.” International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems, 2(1), 86-99, 2011.
  • Heping Liu, Jing Shi, Ergin Erdem, “Prediction of wind speed time series using modified Taylor Kriging method.” Energy, 35(12), 4870-4879, 2010.
  • Heping Liu, “Cost estimation and sensitivity analysis on cost
    factors: a case study on Taylor Kriging, regression and artificial neural networks.” The Engineering Economist, 55 (3), 201-224, 2010.
  • Heping Liu, Ergin Erdem, Jing Shi, “An integrated wind power forecasting methodology: Interval estimation of wind speed, operation probability of wind turbine, and conditional expected wind power output of wind farm.” Accepted by International Journal of Green Energy.
  • Heping Liu, Jing Shi, “Applicability of ARMA-GARCH models to the short-term time series forecasting of electricity prices.” Energy Economics (Second round review).
  • Heping Liu, Alice E. Smith, Saeed Maghsoodloo, “A novel Kriging model based on Taylor expansion for metamodeling.” Submitted to Computer & Operations Research.
  • Heping Liu, Jing Shi, Xiuli Qu, “Interval estimation of wind speed, operations probability of wind turbine and conditional expected wind power output: an empirical investigation.” Submitted to Applied Energy.
  • Heping Liu, Ergin Erdem, Jing Shi, “Simulation Modeling of a Clinic Telephone System Designed to Facilitate Patient Centered Medical Home.” Submitted to Computer and Industrial Engineering
  • Heping Liu, Shiyu Zhou, Xiaochun Li, “Inferring the Size Distribution of 3D Particle Clusters in Metal Matrix Nanocomposites.” Ready to submit.

Conference publications:

  • Heping Liu, Jing Shi, “Interval estimation of wind speed and operation probability forecasting of wind turbine: A preliminary empirical investigation.” The 61th Institute of Industrial Engineering Annual Conference (IERC 2011).
  • Heping Liu and Ran Dai, “Statistical orbit determination by global evolutionary optimization and batch filter.” 2010 AIAA Guidance, Navigation and Control Conference, Toronto, Canada
  • Soroor Al-Khafaji, Heping Liu and Alice E. Smith, “Application of Kriging to predict wireless network connectivity.” NASTEC’2009, Atlanta, GA, pp: 16-22.
  • Heping Liu, Alice E. Smith, Haluk Yapicioglu and Gerry Dozier, “Applications of statistical estimators to expanding pareto fronts.” in the Proceedings of 2008 Spring Research Conference on Statistics in Industry and Technology, Atlanta, GA, CD-ROM.
  • Sohier Mohamed Hussien Baioumy, Heping Liu and Alice E. Smith, “Application of Kriging to Cost Estimation.” 9th Cairo University International Conference on Mechanical Design and Production, Cairo, Egypt, 1546-1556, 2008.
  • Heping Liu, Alice E. Smith, “A novel particle swarm optimizer with Kriging models.” Intelligent Engineering Systems through Artificial Neural Networks, Vol. 17, pp: 353-358, 2007.