Devashish Das Passed his preliminary exam [Dec. 2013]

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Junbo Son received the Campus-wide Teaching Assistant award[Dec. 2013]

PhD student Junbo Son received the Campus-wide Teaching Assistant award on December 23rd  2013.
Congratulations, Junbo!

Davashish Das received the Vinod K. and J. Gail Sahney Scholarship [Nov. 2013]

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Junbo Son received the Richard S. and Harriet K. Fein Scholarship [Nov. 2013]

Congratulations, Junbo!

INFORMS Conference in Minneapolis, MN [Oct. 2013]

> PhD student Junbo Son presents his work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: Prediction of the Failure Interval with Maximum Power based on Remaining Useful Life Distribution
Abstract: Prognosis of the remaining useful life (RUL) of a unit or system plays an important role in system reliability analysis and maintenance decision making. One key aspect of the RUL prognosis is the construction of the best prediction interval for failure occurrence. The interval should have reasonable length and yield the best prediction power. In current practice, the center-based interval and traditional confidence interval are widely used. Although both are easy to construct, they do not provide the best prediction performance. In this paper, we propose a new scheme, the maximum power interval (MPI), for estimating the interval with maximum prediction power. The MPI guarantees the best prediction power under a given interval length. Some technical challenges involved in the MPI method were resolved using the maximum entropy (ME) principle and truncation method. A numerical simulation study confirmed that the MPI has better prediction power than other prediction intervals. A case study using a real industry dataset was conducted to illustrate the capability of the MPI method.

> PhD student Jianguo Wu presents his work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: On-line Steady-state Detection Based on Multiple Change-point Models Using Particle Filters
Abstract: Steady-state detection is critical in process performance assessment, fault detection and process control. We proposed a robust on-line steady-state detection algorithm using multiple change-point model and particle filtering techniques. The steady-state detection problem is formulated as a multiple change-point problem using a segmental linear model.

> PhD student Devashish Das presents her work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: Statistical Monitoring of Multiple Binary Data Streams
Abstract: In this research we develop control charts to monitor multi-stream binary data and to do that we develop two kinds of control charts. The first control chart is a log-likelihood ratio based Cumulative Sum (CUSUM) chart for monitoring all the data streams simultaneously. Thus letting us have a system level monitoring scheme. The second kind of control chart is for monitoring individual binary stream. These chart are shown to have better ability to detect changes than traditional Shewhart chart..

> PhD student Yuhang Liu presents his work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: Optimal Serving Schedules for Multiple Queues with Size-independent Service Times
Abstract: We consider a service system with two Poisson arrival queues. A server chooses which queue to serve at each moment. Once a queue is served, all the customers are served within a fixed time. This model is useful in studying airport shuttling or certain online computing systems. We first establish an MDP for this problem and study its structures. We then propose a simple yet optimal state independent policy for this problem which is not only easy to implement, but also performs very well.

Yuhang Liu joined the MPAC laboratory as a PhD student [Sept. 2013]

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Jian Tian joined the MPAC laboratory as a master student [Jan. 2013]

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