INFORMS Conference in Phoenix, AZ [Oct. 2012]

> PhD student Junbo Son presents his work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: Performance Evaluation and Comparison for Different Prognostic Models
Abstract:Fault prognosis plays an important role in reliability engineering. In this work, we present a quantitative evaluation and comparison of two prognostic models, namely, the degradation-signal based model and the Cox proportional hazard model based prognosis. We analyzed two models, and provided rigorous comparison results. They have been demonstrated through not only an analytic study, but also an extensive simulations followed by a practical case study using real data from the industry.

> PhD student Jianguo Wu presents his work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: Real Time Monitoring of Ultrasonic Cavitation in the Casting Process
Abstract: In the research of Metal-Matrix-Nano-Composite (MMNC), ultrasonic cavitation is usually used to disperse the added particles, degas the molten metal and refine the grains in the casting process. The objective of this research is to develop a new method for real time monitoring of ultrasonic cavitation and dispersion status in the casting process. By studying the cavitation noise, a new method is proposed to choose the cavitation power and control the cavitation time.

> PhD student Devashish Das presents her work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: Maximum Entropy Distribution based Control Charts
Abstract:In this research we developed control charts based on the multivariate maximum entropy estimation of distribution. The maximum entropy distribution had an exponential polynomial form which could be multi-modal in nature. But the implicit function nature of the estimated distribution function helped in defining a new way to deciding control limits.We tested its performance on auto-correlated processes such as waiting time in queuing systems.

Qiang Zhou becomes an Assistant Professor in City University of Hong Kong [July 2012]

Dr. Qiang Zhou is now an assistant professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management in in City University of Hong Kong

Congratulations, Dr. Qiang Zhou!