Li Zeng successfully defened her PhD dissertation [Dec. 2009]

PhD student Li Zeng succesfully defended her PhD Dissertation titled: "On Change Detection in Manufacturing and Healthcare Systems". She is now the first postdoctoral reseacher in the MPAC Laboratory.

Congratulations, Dr. Zeng ! Well done!

Dr. Li visited our M-PAC lab [Nov. 2009]

Assistant professor Jing Li from Arizona State University has given us a talk titled "Transfer Learning of Exploratory Graphical Models with Application in Alzheimer’s Disease".

Welcome, Dr. Li!

Nan Chen passed his PhD preliminary exam [Nov. 2009]

PhD student Nan Chen has pssed his PhD preliminary exam that is titled: "Discrete Event Modeling and Analysis". He is the fifth Ph.D. student in the MPAC Laboratory to successfully enter the second stage of Ph.D. study.

Congratulations, Nan!

Informs Conference in San Diego,CA [Oct. 2009]

>PhD student Li Zeng presents her work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: A Bayesian Approach to Risk-adjusted Change Detection in Healthcare
Abstract: Outcomes in medical processes are important measures of care providers’ performance. One key challenge in the detection of performance change using outcomes is the need of adjustment for patient base-line risks. This article proposes a Bayesian approach to risk-adjusted detection of performance change.

>PhD student Nan Chen presents his work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: Simulaton based cycle time estimation using quantile regression
Abstract: The cycle time is an important performance measure in manufacturing systems, and thus it is of interest to characterize its distributional properties, such as quantiles, for informative decision making. In this paper, we propose a nonlinear quantile regression model to investigate the relationship between stationary cycle time quantiles and corresponding system throughput rates. Extensive numerical studies are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness of our methods.

>PhD student Qiang Zhou presents his work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: A Simple Approach to Integrated Emulation for Computer Experiments
Abstract: We consider prediction of computer experiments with multiple responses which are correlated. Specially designed correlation structure has been proposed to improve predictions by combining several responses together. The proposed method can be realized through simple modifications of univariate Kriging method, and is able to provide better prediction.

>Professor Shiyu Zhou presents his work at Informs Annual Meeting:

Title: Identification of Influential Process Variables for Surface Quality Control in Hot Rolling
Abstract: Surface defects have been a long-term troubling issue in hot rolling processes. In this paper, functional data analysis and rigorous statistical testing are integrated to identify the process variables that significantly influence the surface quality of the finished products. The results can provide guidelines for root cause identification and surface quality improvement in hot rolling processes.

Yuan Yuan passed her PhD qualify exam [Sep. 2009]

PhD student Yuan Yuan has passed her PhD qualify exam in Manufacturing and Prduction System area. She will officially proceed with her PhD degree.

Congratulations, Yuan!

Yuan Yuan submitted her first paper [Aug. 2009]

PhD student Yuan Yuan has submitted her first paper to IIE Transactions.

Congratulations, Yuan!

Yuan Yuan just joined the M-PAC laboratory [Jul. 2009]

Another Yuan Yuan! She will start her first semester of the PhD program this Fall.

Welcome, Yuan!